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  • Built-in high-performance amp
  • 30W stereo
  • Wirless pin mic


 - Make up for your projector's volume/quality

 - Built-in 30W high-performance amp for use in large classrooms

 - Built-in ultra-small wireless microphone transceiver and wireless pin microphone

 - No complicated equipment such as wireless microphone receiver, amplifier, sound rack, etc.

 - Automatic video background sound reduction fuction when inputting a microphone

 - Microphone input voice as audio input source for recording and online contents

   (Options sold seperately)



 - 30W Stereo

 - Class D amplifier

 - 2.75inch 15W / 8Ohm high-performance speaker

 - Included accessories : pin microphone, wireless receiver, head microphone(Options)

 - Wireless channel : Auto searching 20 channel

 - Wireless microphone range : About 30m

 - Wireless microphone usage time : 8H

NetSupport School
  • Interactive Educational Solution
  • Smart Education
  • Control Student's Device


 - The world's most interactive educational solution with the highest number of users

 - Powerful monitoring / remote control capabilities

 - Automatic discovery and access to student device

 - Real time teacher/student screen transmission and sharing, file/writing transmission

 - Hardware/software/power remote control and management with keyboard and mouse

 - Distributing and recalling assignments, real-time surveys, blocking the use of he Internet and certain software, etc.

  • 15.6inch or less
  • Laptop/Chromebook/Tablet
  • 30 Laptops/Chromebooks/Tablets


 - Securing durability and saftey by using non-combustible high-strength steel material adn KS-certified multi-tap

 - Cost-effectiveness portable Charging box

 - Sturdy wheels and Double door lock


 - High-strength steel material

 - Equipped with anti-lost/theft door lock

 - Perforated front for easy internal heat circulation

 - Equipped with a movable handle and a fixed rataing wheel

 - Possible to charge up to 15.6inch devices (Laptop / Chromebook / Tablet)

 - A total of 3 layers of charging storage 10 units each ( 30 charging units / 33 units storage)

    ※ Additional multitabs can store up to 33 charging units

Projector Lamps
  • Original Lamp
  • Original Module Lamp
  • Original Bare Lamp


- In addition to our projector lamps, we are importing and supplying genuine lamps of all projector brands in the world directly from manufacturers. So, it is possible to supply lamps at competitive prices.

- We do not handle compatible lamps and refill lamps that affect the life of the projector and A/S. 



- Differences by detailed model

Wall-mount Bracket
  • For Ultra-short throw projectors
  • High strength
  • Wall bracket

Features & Specifications

 - Use : Ultra short throw projector for wall mounting

 - Material : High strength steel

 - Weight : 25kg

 - Length adjustment range : 27~59 cm

 - Angle adjustment : Up / Down / Left / Right / Horizontality

 - Size : Plate 40 x 24 cm, Length 27cm

 - Weight : 10 kg

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